D’Arcy’s Meats sells more than just uncooked cuts of meat – we also have charcuterie, prepared dishes, and ready to make items like hamburgers and bacon!


What is charcuterie? It’s a type of prepared and cured meat product that has its origins in traditional French cooking. You’ve probably even had it!

Ever been out at a restaurant or party and seen a beautifully laid out plate featuring delicious cured meats, pate & sausages? That’s charcuterie!  It’s usually accompanied by an array of crackers, bread, cheese, condiments, dried fruits & nuts.

You can reproduce this popular party staple at home with D’Arcy’s Meats! All meat products are made fresh, in-house by our dedicated charcuterie butcher.

Some of our charcuterie options are:

  • Beef Tongue Pastrami
  • Hot Capicola
  • Saucisson de Parts
  • Cured Sausages & Ham
  • Pate
  • Sausage
  • Galantine
  • Roulade

Save time with prepared dishes and ready-to-cook sausages and hamburger patties from D’Arcy’s Meats! Between our in-house charcuterie and other prepared options, your biggest problem will be choosing what to pick! Stop by D’Arcy’s Meats today. 

Have a special request? Don’t see what you’re looking for listed here? D’Arcy’s Meats is more than happy to meet your custom needs! Call or come in today to find out how D’Arcy’s can help make your next dinner or cookout delicious and memorable.

Meat prices fluctuate based on market prices, especially specialty items like these. Contact us to get a quote!


House Made Specialties

It’s safe to say that sometimes you simply don’t have time to cook a large meal from scratch. However, instead of reaching for frozen boxed goods from a grocery store, stop by D’Arcy’s Meats.

All of our prepared dishes are made in house with local meat and are always preservative free! Come check out our selection of

  • shish kabobs
  • cabbage rolls
  • pierogies
  • hamburger patties, hot dogs & smokies
  • sausage
  • bacon
  • tourtiere
  • beef jerky
  • herb & garlic chicken sausage

All ready for you to take home and warm up or cook!


D’Arcy’s Meat Market is always looking for suppliers who share our commitment to quality products and sustainable farming practices. If this describes you, drop us a line!