Edmonton AM @ Your Service series - Kyle IsekeIn 1991, D’Arcy’s Meat Market Ltd. was founded by D’Arcy Iseke after taking over Johnson’s Meats which was incorporated in 1961 by Dave Johnson as a small butcher shop servicing the community of St. Albert, Alberta. D’Arcy’s son, Kyle, worked there full time and eventually took over running his father’s meat shop. Growing up in the retail meat-cutting industry, Kyle loved the work introduced to him by his father.

In 2005, D’Arcy’s Meat Market hired Danielle an acquaintance of Kyle’s, to work part time. Although not how they initially met, Danielle and Kyle fell in love and were married in February of 2009. On June 1st, 2009 Kyle Iseke bought D’Arcy’s Meat Market Ltd. from his father; the same shop he had worked in alongside his father since the age of 12. Embarking on two new journeys together, a new life as a couple, and new business owners, the couple has devoted their efforts to continuously improving the quality of both customer service and local meat & poultry products they supply to their loyal client base.

On any given Saturday, their busiest day, Kyle and Danielle can be seen working together to serve the patiently waiting customers who dedicatedly return week after week for the best tasting steaks, pork roasts and sausages amongst a plethora of other best in class meat products.

Kyle Iseke graduated with honors and highest in class from N.A.I.T. with a Certification in Meat-Cutting. Many do not know that Kyle chose meat-cutting after three years in engineering. Deciding to be true to his passions, Kyle walked out in the middle of an engineering class to pursue a career as an entrepreneur and retail meat-cutter so he could be in control of his own destiny.

In the words of Kyle, “…it wouldn’t be possible without the help of my wife, Danielle. She has been so supportive. We really have a ‘team’ approach, especially during the busy season. This allows us to always deliver more quality products and services.”

“Our children will know their grandfather started [D’Arcy’s Meat Market].” says Danielle. “…it is our legacy for them.”