two types of exotic meat

The following list outlines D’Arcy’s stock of exotic meats for the adventurous palate. While some animals may seem better suited to a zoo than your dinner plate, consider that there are cultures the world over that value these meats as delicacies and cultural touchstones. It only takes a little research and care to turn these exotic meats into your next staple food.

Hugely popular in Cajun cuisine, alligator meat boasts some unexpected health benefits. Alligator is low in cholesterol; also it’s often leaner and higher in protein than chicken. Essentially, alligator is a healthier and more nutritious stand-in for chicken or frog meat (conveniently, both are found on gourmet menus).

While all varieties of snake meat are a common protein in many cultures around the world, North American cuisine has only ever popularized one type: rattlesnake. With roots in Southwestern American, Tex-mex and “Wild West” cuisine, rattlesnake is most often barbecued or made into chili. Protein-rich snake meat also features fewer calories and fewer grams of fat than comparable amounts of sirloin beef steak.

When it comes to exotic meat that approaches red meat with similar consistency to beef or bison, the main standout is ostrich meat. Rising in global popularity, ostrich fat forms differently around the meat– allowing for easy removal and super-lean cuts of meat. Compared to poultry, ostrich has lower calories, cholesterol and fat than even skinless turkey. Steaks, burgers and roasts are just some of the favourite preparations of ostrich meat.

The three meats listed above are just some of our lesser known exotic meat products. D’Arcy’s also carries bison– and other game meat is readily available on-order. Don’t let fear of the unknown limit your taste buds. Whether it’s your next favourite dish or an old standby in need of a twist, try exotic meat for a new depth of flavour (and in most cases: health benefits)!

Contact or visit D’Arcy’s today. Our experts can answer any question you might have about exotic meat and its serving suggestions.

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Slow-Cooking: Simple to Make, Complex Flavors, Endless Variety

Beef StewStaying warm throughout the winter season is easy with slow-cooked meals. Simple recipes provide delicious dinner ideas that can be ready to serve by the time you get home from work. All you need is your slow cooker and a quick stop at D’Arcy’s Meat Market.

Your slow-cooked dinner starts with any kind of meat or poultry cooked in a delicious sauce. Choose from chicken, beef or pork roasts and ribs; anything that you want falling apart, tender, juicy and infused with flavor.

Flavors come from marinating and can be done using any sort of dressing or sauce. Italian dressing is commonly used with wild meat such as deer and moose. Teriyaki sauce, Jamaican jerk or Tandoori are all very rich
in taste, but your favorite BBQ sauce will also work. Check out our in-store selection on your next visit.

Your meat will be tender and slow-cooked to perfection provided you remember that moisture is key. Add plenty of water throughout the cooking as required to ensure moisture is maintained. Vegetables, carrots, potatoes and ginger root are easy to find and compliment any recipe with heartiness.

Or use your slow cooker to warm up with soup! There are so many different kinds you can easily make, especially chicken noodle, a staple in any home during the winter! Try minestrone soup which you can make with either steak or ground beef, highlighted with green peppers. Italian wedding soup using our Sausage Meat on sale for $5.99/lb, goes great with our home made cabbage rolls.

Next post we explore the world of chili!