HOW TO: Cutting Meat at Home… the Right Way!

Widely cited in recipes of all kinds, prepared meat is to be cut “against the grain.” While it may come natural to some, others may be robbing themselves of the perfect bite of meat by making an unfortunate error. The secret to cutting meat at home (…the right way!) is brought to you by the…Read More Here!

WAGYU BEEF: Fact vs Fiction

  In Alberta, we often take our high quality beef for granted– or we may even be so proud that we would not dare to try anything from outside our borders. In reality, we have so much in common with places like the U.S.A., Argentina and Japan because our industries, cultures and environments help promote…Read More Here!


Whether you have seen it on a restaurant’s menu, a cooking show or in your favourite barbecue bible– dry-aged beef is becoming more popular and widely understood. Here in the heartland of Alberta, many of us have easy access to fresh, top-quality beef that is a prime candidate for dry-aging. Once you taste the difference,…Read More Here!