With the best meat producers in the world right here in our province, it’s no wonder D’Arcy’s Meats is able to offer you the highest quality Beef, Veal & Bison. D’Arcy’s Meats has long-standing, personal relationships with the local farmers that produce the best grass-fed meat in Alberta. That’s why we’re able to bring you only the highest quality, most delicious beef, veal, and bison.


Buying your beef at D’Arcy’s means you’ll be getting the best meat available from the best local farmers. You’ll notice the superior taste and quality of locally-raised, beef when you grill up D’Arcy’s steaks at your next BBQ or choose a superior brisket for your favorite recipe.


While you may be familiar with Kobe beef, you may be surprised that it is not available commercially outside of Japan. What is available is Wagyu beef, North America’s answer to Kobe.

Wagyu beef is tender and rich—it can be almost buttery, with more fat marbled through the meat than almost any other kind of meat. Our Wagyu is also available dry aged.

Dry Aged Beef

D’Arcy’s Meats starts with quality local beef and ages it for 21 to 30 days, producing an enhanced flavor, richer smell, more tender textured steak.



Thinking of trying something different? Try Bison! Alberta is a world leader in Bison production. This meat packs all the flavour of red meat and is tender yet high in protein and nutrients and low in fat. Try it ground in your hamburger, meatloaf, or taco recipes, or pick up a steak for your next BBQ

Do you need any more reasons to make your next meat purchase at D’Arcy’s Meats? Call or come in today for beef, bison or veal that will make your dinner memorable.

All meat prices fluctuate based on market prices, especially specialty items like these. Contact us to get a quote!


D’Arcy’s Meat Market is always looking for suppliers who share our commitment to quality products and sustainable farming practices. If this describes you, drop us a line!