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HOW TO: Build A Better Butcher’s Board

We’ve come a long way since sliced cheddar, garlic sausage and some saltines– a nostalgic classic that lacks some of the refinement and adventure offered by a well-curated butcher’s board. Whether you call it charcuterie, ploughman’s lunch or a plain old deli tray, there is an art to setting out an attractive and appetizing spread. […]

DOMESTIC GOURMET: 5 Tips for Cooking Wagyu Beef at Home

Now a mainstay on gourmet menus, wagyu (literally: “Japanese cow”) was widely mislabeled as Kobe beef. While Kobe beef is derived from wagyu cattle, only the meat from specific animals from a specific region in Japan can truly be called Kobe beef. Since this premium meat is not commercially available outside of Japan, wagyu breeds […]


If you have been out to eat in the last few years, you probably have heard or seen the words “pork belly” on a menu or two. Pork belly was once a term reserved for butchers and stockbrokers, but now this cut of meat is becoming more widely known. Most people know pork belly as […]

JERKY TO SUCCESS: What’s the Story on Beef Jerky?

Beef jerky– we’ve all seen the processed stuff: cookie-cutter bits of greasy meat, hanging in a row of colourful plastic and foil at the gas station or convenience store. This version is not real beef jerky, it’s something of which our Albertan forefathers would be ashamed! D’Arcy’s only carries real jerky, handmade locally with high […]

Learn More about Mangalitsa Pork

Mangalitsa or Mangalica (pronounced man-gal-eets-a) is a breed of pork that is gaining both recognition and appreciation. Once a highly prize Hungarian hog, these pigs were almost wiped out before local initiatives restored their population. Since then, the meat and the lard have become popular again thanks to discerning buyers, butchers, chefs, food writers, gourmands […]

The 411 on Hormones & Antibiotics in Meat

Once groundbreaking, scientific discoveries, the words ‘hormones’ and ‘antibiotics’ have almost become curse words in some circles. There is an enormous amount of medical data about the use and effect of antibiotics and hormones on humans, animals and all facets in between. Unfortunately, this data seems to be ignored when it comes to flashy headlines […]

Certified Humane – What Does it Mean

Major Canadian chains like A&W, Earls and Sobeys made headlines recently by adopting “Certified Humane” programs for their meat and eggs. This certification mirrors many in the U.S., though the Canadian government has yet to impose any official legislation. Apart from general animal welfare and hygienic conditions, the only other humane certification the government provides […]

Certified Organic – What Does it Mean

The “certified organic” trend started in grocery aisles, but we see it in all sorts of products and services these days. Many of us are used to spending a few extra bucks for the organic option, but do we really know what we’re paying for? The pros at D’Arcy’s did their homework and the summary […]

BUTCHERS’ BEST-KEPT SECRETS: The Truth from Behind the Counter

Since we are the ones that handle the meat from some of its earliest stages, D’Arcy’s butchers have seen it all. From exotic game to how the sausage is made – our staff is proud to be a fountain of knowledge for any customers that walk through our door. Below is a peek at some […]

GIVE YOURSELF AN EDGE: The Importance of a Sharp Kitchen Knife

We’ve all done it before: you head to the drawer or knife block, you grab a trusty blade, you go to work on an onion or a tomato and you slide the knife right back where it came from after a quick scrub. Some of us may even forego proper storage or, worse yet, put […]